Pingspot App Pro Tip: Search - Map View

When you “Search” in the Pingspot app, the results are, by default, shown in List View.  But here’s a pro tip to further optimize your search results:

From the list of search results, switch to Map View (tap “Map” at the top right corner) if you want to drill down into a more specific area, or zoom out to cast a wider search net.  

If you switch back to List View, those map results are then displayed in list form.

Here are a couple examples of when this can come in handy for you:

Need a coffee break?  We used Map View to zoom in and display the Coffee & Tea spots pinged specifically within a few blocks of our office.  Hmm, maybe we’ll head over to Teakha this morning.


Planning a trip somewhere?  We tapped “Search”, changed the location to “Toronto, ON, Canada”, and switched to Map View to display some popular spots all over town:


Hope you found this pro tip helpful!  Please reach out to us at if you have any further questions or suggestions about our app!

— The Pingspot Team